BS403 – HiFi News “Outstanding Product”

BS403 sees off competition from PMC and Sonus Faber to win Group Test.

Where the MAD tended to coarsen under duress the Elac remained refined-sounding; and where the B&W and Sonus Faber tended to blunt the leading edges of transients the Elac sounded fast and explicit. ‘It’s much more like we’re there,’ said our panel when hearing the Holland Baroque performance. The BS 403 was judged to deliver the best reproduction of Sting’s voice from our group of speakers. That tweeter sounded gorgeous!


Finally the Elac BS 403 astonished our audiophiles with its open and transparent sound. One of our listeners – who has plenty of space and who currently owns an aging pair of floorstanders – is considering buying a pair, so impressed was he by the naturalness and clarity of the BS 403’s midrange and treble. Certainly it’s outstanding for the money.

Read the full review here (PDF)

ELAC BS403 - Group Test, HiFi News, September 2013


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