BS312 Reviewed by HiFi+

“Ye cannae change the laws of physics, Cap’n.” ELAC’s Line 300 series begs to differ.

The speakers are more comfortable in a small room, it must be said. The size of the speakers matches the space and the bass delivery is a perfect match for those who are trying to get a true high-end sound out of a small box. In a small living room, they come alive; they were impressive in a big room, but they sound just perfectly balanced in smaller settings. In this setting, the power handling becomes less important (although they still benefit from Big Power) but the scaling and texture these speakers portray becomes key. And in that setting, the speakers do that disappearing act that is so often talked about but so rarely experienced. The speakers have an immediacy to them that is constantly alluring and makes the kind of sound that when the ‘I can’t believe they can do that’ feeling begins to wear off, you have your whole record collection to get through.

Big speakers are alluring for all the effortless energy, but the tiny BS 312 proves one good little ‘un can often beat the big ‘uns. That combination of transparency and insight into the music will not let the ELACs down, and you’ll have a lot of music to get through because you’ll be hearing your albums anew. Highly recommended.

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ELAC BS312 - Alan Sircom, HiFi+ Issue 105

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