AIR-X Reviewed by HiFi+

Alan Sircom gets to grips with ELAC’s wireless speaker system.

The AIR-X system works as a complete package, its whole greater than the sum of its parts. What this does superbly is send signals from sources to the amplifiers, wirelessly and not only losslessly but in an uncompressed format that will support 48kHz, 24-bit data streams. They don’t drop out and they don’t sound materially different from running the same tracks through a wirleless pathway. There wasn’t much you could throw at this system that would faze it; I tried everything from jazz chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux to dense modern classical orchestral hitting-things-until-they-hurt John Pickard, from the ticks and clicks of Trentemøller to the just plain weirdness of Dent May and his ukulele. It all worked without a hiccup.

I enjoyed my time with the ELAC AIR-X every bit as much as I have done with passive ELAC models. It’s clean and energetic and detailed; all the things you might get from a pair of ELAC BS 403, but active. In the wired world of separates audio, you could find a solution that might better suit your tastes, but again that is missing the point. You’d have to search for that solution where one that does it all is right under you nose.

Alan Sircom, HiFi+ Issue 111

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