Debut B6 – HiFi Choice Recommended

“..warrants serious consideration if you’re after an entry-level standmount.”

The great thing about this speaker is that it covers its tracks well; anything you play through it fast becomes a musical event and not an exercise in analytical listening. This is a rare trick to pull off, even for a high-end speaker. The other aspects of its performance mitigate well for it, too – the speaker images well despite its unfashionably wide baf e and throws instruments well clear of itself, making it possible to dissolve them into space.

There are a lot of ‘me too’ loudspeakers currently on the market, but this is most certainly not one of them and as such warrants serious consideration if you’re after an entry-level standmount

Read the full review here (PDF)

ELAC Debut B6 - David Price, HiFi Choice, February 2016

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