Debut F5 – HiFi Choice Recommended

"Elac’s Debut F5 floorstander is simply seismic" - HiFi Choice Recommended!

"The obvious sales proposition of Elac’s Debut F5 is that it’s a lot of speaker for relatively little money – but it’s more than just this. It is an extremely well crafted budget oorstander in its own right, and well able to let the listener enjoy a wide range of music in the spirit it was intended. Whereas some speakers have an obvious character that atters some types of music and detracts from others, this is very well rounded for a product of its price, and never less than fun to listen to. That’s a big achievement for a pair of sub-£600 speakers, so it comes highly recommended – this is one of the finest designs on sale in an already highly crowded budget oorstander marketplace" - David Price

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ELAC Debut F5 Hi-Fi Choice 411


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