ELAC Discovery FAQ

ELAC's new Discovery Server DS-S101-G is the most flexible streamer on the market. Find out more with this FAQ.


What is Discovery?

The Discovery Series is a new range from ELAC with powerful streaming and multi-room capabilities. At it’s heart is a powerful new music server, the Discovery Server DS-S101-G.

What other items will be available in the range?

The Discovery Z3 zone speaker is now available. A WiFi version of the Element amplifier is coming as well as Discovery connect to add wireless capability to existing systems.

Do I have to use Discovery Server with other Discovery products?

Absolutely not, Discovery Server is designed to be highly flexible, not to tie you in to a proprietary eco-system. You can wire it straight in to your existing system and it will also play to AirPlay and Roon Ready devices wirelessly.


What outputs are available?

Wired: Digital Optical and Co-axial, 2x Analog RCA

Wireless: Airplay, Discovery Wireless, Roon Ready (End Point), Sonos.

Can the outputs be played at the same time?

All outputs can be played independently and simultaneously, with different audio streams. So you can play Classical music in the living room to a high end system via co-ax digital whilst the RCA outputs supply audio to ceiling speakers powered by a second amplifier in the kitchen. At the same time you children can stream music from Tidal in the bedroom.

Can I group the outputs?

Yes, you can group the digital, RCA and Discovery Wireless / Roon RAAT outputs together. You cannot group AirPlay or Sonos endpoints with these however, only like with like.

How many streams can I play?

There is no limit on the number of audio streams you can play simultaneously.

How many wireless devices can I attach?

There is no limit on the number of wireless zones you can add.

Can outputs be named?

Yes, you can name the outputs to make them easier to identify, both the wired and the wireless outputs. If you group outputs, you can name the group too.


Can you use multiple controllers?

Yes, you can control the Discovery Server with multiple tablets or computers at the same time. So one person can listen to Jazz in one room controlling it with an iPhone, whilst someone else listens to pop in another controlling it from a laptop. All from the same Discovery Server and library.

The number of controllers that can be used simultaneously is greater than we have been able to test.


 How do I control the Discovery Server?

Discovery is controlled using the Roon Essentials app.

For what platforms is the App available?

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

Windows 7, 8 & 10


Is there a difference between the computer, tablet and phone versions of the app?

The computer and tablet versions are identical. There are some differences between the phone and tablet versions, mainly caused by screen sizes. The tablet version includes the full library management features whilst the phone version includes some features better suited to a remote control. However both versions share the same core features and design.


Is the Roon Licence included in the cost?

The Discovery Server includes a Roon licence tied to the hardware. It is in no way transferrable to other devices.


What streaming services are supported?

Currently only Tidal (subject to subscription) is available, but it is possible others may be added by Roon at a later date.

Does Discovery support Spotify?

The Discovery Server does not support Spotify, as Spotify are pushing all companies to use Spotify Connect rather than develop an embedded solution. However the upcoming Discovery Series speakers will support Spotify Connect.

How do I connect my Music to Discovery?

You can either connect a hard drive by the USB 2.0 port on the back of the unit, or connect to shared folders (for example on a NAS drive) on a network. Or you can do both. Discovery Server supports multiple folders and a drive by USB and puts all the music into one library. You can also add a Tidal Subscription, and music from Tidal will be seamlessly integrated into the same library.

Does Discovery support playlists?

Yes, you can create playlists from within the app. It will also automatically import any playlists that you have made in Tidal.


How big can the Library be?

Library is limited to 30,000 tracks. There is no limit in terms of amount of data or duration. The 30,000 tracks includes both albums in the library and those favourited in Tidal. However it does not include Tidal tracks in playlists.

What happens if I exceed 30,000 Tracks?

30,000 tracks is about 3000 albums, so a huge collection. If you are ripping this from CD represents about 300 to 500 hours of ripping! There may be a few people who have larger libraries than this. When you hit this limit you can't add more tracks.

What can I do if I have more than 30,000 Tracks?

- Go to Settings > Storage > Clean up your Database. It is possible that you have already deleted some files but they are still showing in the library, his will release some space.

- Make a playlist in Tidal for tracks instead of adding the full album. You can do this in the Tidal app, it will sync to Discovery.

- Remove the rarely used albums from the library. Most people have CDs they have bought for just one track,  you can add the track in Tidal to a playlist instead and remove the CD.

- Go to Focus > Inspector (bottom far right) and check Duplicates. Remove any duplicates.

Audio Files

What file types is Discovery Server compatible with?

WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, OGG, MP3 in all resolutions up to 24bit/192kHz

What about DSD?

DSD is not supported as it consumes an excessive amount of processor power, beyond that which is available in the Discovery Server.

What about MQA?

MQA is not currently supported, but that does not necessarily exclude it from being included in a future software update.

What playback modes are supported?

Gapless, Crossfade, Shuffle, and Repeat


What is the DAC Specification?

Discovery Server uses a Cirrus Logic CS4350 DAC (109db) followed by Burr Brown OPA2134 ultra low distortion op amp to drive the analog outputs. The DAC is provided with active power supply filtering followed by linear regulator to minimise interference.

How big is the Discovery Server?

45mm high x 210mm wide x 110mm deep

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