Discovery 1.3 Firmware Update Process

Discovery Firmware 1.3 is a major upgrade and can take some time, especially with larger libraries. This tutorial walks you through the process, step by step.

First step is to update the controller from the App Store of your chosen device. Once this is done, you will be unable to control the Discovery until the server is updated, so make sure you have some time before you start.

When you try to connect with the app, you will see this screen, notifying you that you have to upgrade. Go ahead and press the Download and Install button.

Discovery will then start downloading the software.

When download is complete, installation will begin. Once it has completed once you may be told it needs a second update. Repeat the process again.

If the remote loses the Discovery whilst updating, please be patient.

Eventually you will see Discovery is installing 1.3 (build 29). This is the latest version.

After 1.3 (Build 29) is installed, you will get the message that the database needs updating. This is normal and can take some time. If you have a big library, it may take several hours.


When the library update is complete, you will see your Overview screen again. Ignore the backup prompt for now and go to the Manage Audio Devices button.

You will need to re-enable your Audio devices. One of the features of 1.3 is that Roon Ready and Discovery wired and wireless outputs can now be grouped. You can even play from one Discovery to another, if you have two on the same network, with a total of six wired outputs!

Discovery 1.3 also includes database backups. You can backup to a network folder, local storage or Dropbox.

The biggest improvements are in the responsiveness of the database.

Enjoy your new Discovery!




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