ELAC Adante AS-61 reviewed by HiFi+

ELAC Adante AS-61 reviewed by HiFi+

“We are in the presence of greatness here, and there will be a lot of companies trying and failing to play catch-up.”

Alan Sircom reviews the ELAC Adante AS-61 standpoint loudspeakers in HiFi+ Issue 158.

“There is no such thing as a perfect loudspeaker. Even the very best of them trade compromises across a range of parameters. The ELAC Adante AS-61 is no different, but the step-change in technology means it’s trading compromises at a more advanced reading age than its peers. I listen to a lot of good loudspeakers, some of which have feet that cost more than these Adante standmounts, but this is the one that gives me pause. The ELAC Adante AS-61 is the loudspeaker that takes on the high-end behemoths… and wins!”

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