ELAC Vela 403 reviewed by HiFi+

ELAC Vela 403 reviewed by HiFi+

“If you are looking for a speaker that fits into a modern lifestyle and encourages you to unwind at the end of the day, this should be on your ‘must hear’ list.”

Jason Kennedy reviews the ELAC Vela BS 403s for HiFi+ issue 165.

“ELAC has clearly grasped that if you are to sell loudspeakers to an audience that would instead prefer things were invisible (or at least no bigger than a Coke can), you have to make it sexy. The Vela range replaces the 400 Line that has been a staple of ELACs mid-priced offering for many years. The incoming range abandons the traditional rectilinear styling of that series with post-formed corners and oblique angles to produce a beautiful loudspeaker design with tactile textures to add to its allure.”

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