ELAC Debut F5.2 – HiFi Choice Recommended

ELAC Debut F5.2 – HiFi Choice Recommended

Adam Smith reviews the smaller floorstander in the revised Debut range

“When material is softer and quieter, the delicacy and clarity offered by the tweeter is most impressive. It picks out the minutiae buried in the depth of the action and is easily heard, but without a hint of stridency or sharpness. The cymbal strikes on theextreme right of the soundstage at thebeginning of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground shimmer off into the distance deliciously and the hi-hats are snappy and taut.”

“The midrange reveals magnificent detail with vocals and instruments”

“The bass output kicked out by the compact F5.2 is quite an eye opener. Never once does it sound lightweight or as if it’s struggling. Instead, bass digs deep and with a highly accomplished sense of timing.”

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