From the app controlled room correction of the EA Amplifier to the Alchemy DAC and streaming pre-amplifier, ELAC electronics pack as many innovations as the speakers.

EA Series

While a handful of separates and integrated units offered great sound, none delivered the performance, exibility and value essential for a product to carry the ELAC name. So where none existed before, the engineers started with a clean-sheet and simple design brief: Build the most powerful, versatile, easy-to-use integrated amplifier imaginable; do it without compromising sound, reliability, and a great user experience; and price it so fairly that it becomes a hands-down choice, even when compared against units at many times the price.

Alchemy Series

The Alchemy Series by ELAC takes the great ideas and expertise of renowned hi- engineer Peter Madnick and his team, and makes a comeback with a series of seamlessly integrated and expandable components that deliver performance unheard of at their price range. Alchemy power comes in many forms: The groundbreaking 3-in-1 pre/DAC/headphone amplifier, stereo and mono digital hybrid power amplifiers, and even an ultra-quiet phono stage for vinyl lovers.

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