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Elac Solano 2.0 BS 283.2


Embark on a sonic journey of unparalleled clarity and precision with the ELAC Solano Bookshelf Speakers. Melding cutting-edge technology and German engineering finesse, these speakers redefine the boundaries of premium audio. The star of the show is the esteemed JET 6 tweeter, renowned for its exceptional precision and fidelity. Immerse yourself in rich, detailed highs that resonate with lifelike realism, as these bookshelf speakers deliver an auditory experience that epitomizes ELAC's commitment to superior sound quality. Elevate your listening space with the perfect union of the JET 6 tweeter and German craftsmanship, as the ELAC Solano Bookshelf Speakers bring forth a symphony of sound that transcends expectations.


Engineered and designed in Keil, Germany, the JET 6 Air Motion Transformer tweeter offers a wide frequency response (Up to 50kHz), low distortion, and remarkable clarity in reproducing the high-frequency spectrum, contributing to a more immersive and detailed audio experience for listeners.


Each Solano enclosure undergoes meticulous engineering, featuring sturdy MDF outer walls and elegant gloss-painted finishes. Strategically positioned internal bracing enhances the cabinet's structural integrity, minimizing vibrations that could otherwise distort the sound and introduce unwanted coloration. 


The bass reflex port on the Solano series is designed to exit downward from the bottom of the speaker cabinet, allowing for greater flexibility in speaker placement and reducing ventilation noise.


This specialized construction brings forth a myriad of benefits, starting with its rigidity and lightweight nature. By leveraging the inherent qualities of aluminum, these woofers effectively minimize unwanted resonances and distortions, ensuring a remarkably clear and accurate sound reproduction.

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