From entry-level Debut to high-end Concentro loudspeakers, from enjoying vintage vinyl on a Miracord turntable to exploring music with the Discovery Streamer, ELAC has the perfect audio system for you.

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ELAC Uni-Fi FS U5 – HiFi Choice Recommended

ELAC’s Debut range is a tough act to follow, but the UF5 pulls it off with aplomb.

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ELAC Element Amplifier – Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

At the heart of its new range of Element mini-separates, ELAC’s latest integrated amplifier packs a punch, says David Price.

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Bristol Sound & Vision 2017

Introducing ELAC Uni-Fi for it’s first public show in the UK.

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ELAC Element Amplifier – HiFi News Highly Commended

“The new Element EA101EQ-G is surely the shape of things to come for entry-level integrated amplifiers.”

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High End Society – Special ELAC Report

A nice ELAC History and interview with CEO Gunter Kürten on its future plans.

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Discovery – TONEAudio Digital Product of the Year 2016!

“There is no easier music server on the market, and you can take that to the bank.”

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