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The South Korean brand Enleum was established as Bakoon International in 2009. The name Enleum is the unity of the words "Enlightenment" and "Sum" ("Sound" in Korean). It embodies the constant strive to create hi-end audio products that truly deliver the enlightened purity of music. Enleum products effortlessly and magically present music in its purest form, enabling listeners to be moved and illuminated by the power of music.

The history of Elac began on September 1, 1926 in Kiel, Germany, when Electroacustic GmbH was founded to focus on the development of sonar technology and the research of signal and sound channels in air and water. Now, almost 100 years later, with the introduction of the Debut and Uni-Fi speaker series, the industry changing Discovery Music Server, EA Series Integrated Amplifier, and our flagship speaker Concentro, ELAC has positioned itself as for today and tomorrow.

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