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Alan Sircom discovers the versatility and stunning sound of the FS407

“If you were to sum up the sound of the FS407 in a single word though, it would be ‘agile’. There’s no bloom, no overhang, no softly softly approach to the sound. It’s not all about the transients, but the attack and decay of individual notes are extremely rapid fire. One thing that sets the FS407 apart from a lot of its peers is its ability to deliver the sound it makes at low, medium and – depending on amplifier – high levels without a problem. This is a rarity; there are loudspeakers that sound great at low levels, but have a distinct price ceiling, and there are those that only come into their own when the volume levels are cranked. The FS407 is the rare alternative that holds its own across the board. As someone who enjoys both late night listening at whisper levels and the occasional air guitar session at a fair lick and all points in between, the FS407’s rare gift of not falling apart sonically across a wide range of volumes is entrancing.”

Read the full review (PDF):

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