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Enleum AMP-54R

Enleum AMP-54R


Tme AMP-54R is Enleum's new statement product and flagship amplifier. Building upon the latest achievements and advacements made with the AMP-23R and HPA-23RM, the absolute best technologies and uncompromising designs were employed in the AMP-54R, making it a statement product. 


    The AMP-54R is the direct successor to our legacy Bakoon AMP-51R, introduced in 2016 as a 100-watt amplifier featuring various novel ideas and engineering efforts. Since then, we have made significant technological advancements, including the development of the JET Bias, our proprietary software-controlled bias system. This breakthrough has enabled us to design the AMP-54R with next-level performance, stability, efficiency, and most importantly, sound quality. Along with the latest circuits, we have also achieved significant breakthroughs in industrial design, improving aesthetics, precision, rigidity and overall build quality.

    With these engineering efforts, the AMP-54R boasts its compact form factor with dimensions of 400mm x 400mm x 70mm (width x depth x height), nearly half the volume of the previous flagship AMP-51R while maintaining the same output power. Additionally, the transformer power has increased by 25%, and the power supply capacitance has been doubled, now in a dual-mono configuration. 

    Thanks to the new JET3 Bias (which has evolved from the AMP-23R’s JET2 Bias), the new software algorithm now tracks and optimizes the output stage bias with more accuracy; resulting in improved performance and efficiency in any given condition. Furthermore, the increase in the output bias circuit's stability translates directly to driving power, allowing the AMP-54R to drive a wider range of loudspeakers with ease. 

    The AMP-54R also incorporates a more advanced 32-bit CPU to run the latest, more sophisticated software architecture, enabling more accurate control of all circuits.

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